Tricia uses her knowledge of Transformational Coaching, Bodywork and Yoga to facilitate huge shifts in the internal and external awareness of self and organizational culture.


Tricia Pleasant is equal parts healer, coach and mentor. She has a passion for personal development, and you will often find her in seminars to further her massage therapy and mindset coaching skills. She’s a naturalist, realist and lover of all things nature.

She enjoys life to the fullest and knows she’s found her life calling. It’s this knowing that brings joy and peace to Tricia’s life. It’s this feeling she wants others to feel, as well. Tricia is passionate about helping people out of pain cycles, helping to shift their mindsets and helping them back to living an inspired, full life. Whether that pain be in the form of aching muscles or just feeling stuck and uninspired, Tricia will help open up the healthiest path for your journey.

One of Tricia’s earliest memories is opening an Encyclopedia Britannica (yes, she’s aware this admission dates her) and pointed to a picture of a female Shaman and thought, “That’s me!”. She was 6 years old. As a child she would instinctually lay her hands on people or animals that were not feeling well, intuitively running universal life force energy to help them feel better.

While raising children Tricia settled into a job with routine hours, but knew she was destined for more. After years of being unfullfilled with her career and battling health issues, Tricia bucked her doctor’s advice of taking pain meds daily and set out to educate herself.

Her life began an amazing transformation when a friend gave her the book The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills. The book reminded Tricia of the healer within and of her essence. It brought back an energetic awareness to her mind and body. It put her back on a healing path both in her physical body and in her career.

She became a certified yoga instructor and changed her diet. Her pain disappeared and her journey on a healing path began. In 2011, Tricia acknowledged her inner healer by becoming a licensed massage practitioner and opening her own practice, which continues to be a successful venture.

One key component was still missing, though. Tricia wondered how she could help others find their passion, be successful and live an exceptional life. She turned to best-selling author and renowned success coach, Jack Canfield. Following his program, Tricia became a certified Transformational Trainer and then went on to study with Kathleen Seeley and certify in Cultural Transformation Tools through the Barret Values Center. She continues to assist Jack Canfield and Kathleen Seeley in various trainings that they offer.

Tricia believes we’re all here because we have a special gift we need to identify and pursue. If you are tired of living in pain or you feel like you want more out of life but don’t know where to start, Tricia can help you in your journey from where you are, to where you want to be.

Tricia is a thorough, competent and empathetic professional. Her clients are her passion. Her treatments are gentle and precisely what her people want and need as her experience and knowledge dictate. She is an awesome woman and professional.
— Nancy Thomas
After 20+ years as an at-home mom I found myself fulfilled in that role but otherwise empty and seeking to re-identify who I was as an individual. Through Tricia’s no-nonsense guidance, mentoring, and encouragement I have been able to identify not only what drives me and brings me joy, but a detailed plan to make my dreams become realizations. I no longer feel wishy-washy and stuck but full of hope and excitement. Through what I learned from her, I am now able to identify where I’m stuck and have steps on how to work through it. It’s been a delight to be have her walk me through the bog of uncertainty and passionlessness to this place of love, light, joy, and passion. I will never be the same and am so grateful!
— Carin

I cannot say enough about my experience with Tricia. I have experienced many massages over the years in varying modalities. Tricia takes the time to learn the body of her client. I had a specific problem she researched and focused on 5 visits in and the problem was 75% better than when we began and continues to improve. I have to say the cleanliness and professionalism exceeds my expectation. I highly recommend her services. Tricia is a rare find.
— Vance D

Tricia is easy-going and easy to talk to. Her space is cozy and welcoming. Additionally, Tricia is highly knowledgeable about health and wellness of both mind and body. I highly recommend her!
— Margaret

It is amazing how life can throw you a couple of curve balls that can derail you. I always prided myself in being able to easily bounce back from such experiences. However, this time I was really stuck. As my frustration mounted I found myself losing touch with being able to see what I should be doing. I finally accepted that I need help in getting back in touch with my goals, dreams, and passions. Working with Tricia was the answer to my aimless wanderings.

Tricia’s heart-centered coaching allows her to guide you from where you are to where you want to go. She was able to help me identify where I was stuck and how to work through it. Using her various exercises, I was able to redefine day to day goals that would then lead me towards more life purpose fulfilling habits. Her approach is compassionate yet she doesn’t let you hide behind your excuses.

Thank you Tricia for your support, encouragement, and help. I’m excited to see where this new journey will take me!
— Janis

Tricia is the best massage therapist that I have ever experienced! She really cares about her clients and takes the time to get to know them to better help them in all areas of their health. I highly recommend Tricia and I personally am so glad that our life paths have crossed.
— Sheri

Tricia leads a yoga class applicable to anyone and all levels. By participating in the class as she instructs, the poses are visible and audible. She specializes in any area of concern the participant might need for relief or strengthening. Tricia is also a very thorough and competent when she gives a massage. Her knowledge of anatomy and how to relieve any areas of discomfort are excellent. Her use of oils and other natural products is excellent. Her prices are very user friendly. Thank you, Tricia!
— Nancy T.

Tricia does amazing work. Her intuition coupled with her extensive toolbox of healing modalities mean that I always get a wonderfully healing session.
— Karen

Jack Canfield talks about Tricia: